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Thermage and Doublo gold
Register : 05-28-2024 06:26 pm
Hello clinic,
I\'m interested in lifiting for my face, and neck .
I checked both Doublo gold and Thermage relating to lifting by clinic website.
I think that they look like same treatments. so I want to know what the difference are.
which one is more better for lifiting and tighting for my case?

Thank you,
Hello Ammy,

Thank you for your inquiry.

First, hIFU is a a high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment and it helps for lifiting your face like surgical facelift.

And thermage is a radio frequency treatment. Thermage FLX can transfer the radiofrequency energy to the layer of subcutaneous fat and tissue, stimulating the rapid production of collagen. Thus, a natural facial lifting and tightening results could be expected.

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